Friday, January 30, 2009

RIP John Martyn

One of my favourite singers/guitarists died on Thursday; it's a sad day, even though all his fans knew he was on borrowed time and had been for a while.

John Martyn was a gentleman, a pain in the arse,a brilliant and sensitive songwriter, a man of principle, a pisshead, and someone who could reduce 3000 people in a concerthall to tears with an extraordinary rendition of somewhere over the rainbow, and the next minute have everyone stand openmouthed as he fought with his band over something the bass player said.

Some gigs were superb, some rather less, all were memorable.

If you have never heard John Martyn then I urge you to pick up the double album 'Sweet little Mysteries- An Island anthology' which will turn you on to this hidden gem.

Carry on raging against the night John



Blogger Ashok said...

John Martyn.. you are my hero..
slang for weed

11:11 am  

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