Friday, February 29, 2008

Quickly following on from the earlier post [since I appear to be on a roll] my roadtrip for mid March was precipitated by all the hassle I'd been having earlier in the year. The choice of dates was predicated by a sale that travelodge was having. C'mon you can't grumble at a room at Kew Bridge, London for two nights at 25 notes a night! I asked Sian if she wanted to come along, yes please she said a couple of days away will be nice. So there we were.

Then Sian called and told me she had to use up a [paid for already] week before the end of March on her holiday timeshare club thing and how did a week in Madeira sound. It sounded excellent to me and if it was tagged onto the two days in London then we could make a real holiday of it. All fine and dandy. I checked out free flights. Sian did the money bit and got a night at a Gatwick hotel and paid for it all [yes I'd be paying for my whack] and so I ordered some guide books and got ready for a marvellous holiday.

A couple of days later I popped in to see here on my way back from a job and found here looking somewhat pensive. After weeks of avoiding contact, ignoring texts and emails, some plaintive, some abusive fom 'He who shall never be named' aka the 'friend' of last summers trauma she'd given in an allowed him back into her life, and the odds were that he would be going to Madeira not me....

I was incandesant with rage. It was all I could do to keep a lid on things and get out of there before I really blew up. To be given a load of shit from someone you regard as one of your best friends is bad, but can be repaired, as we had done previously. But to them be subjected to it again, after all the crap that had been taking place for the last 18 months was too much.

I sent an email, in which I treid to be constructive and decent, pointing out the why's and wherefore's of what had happened before, and asking why she was treating me like this

No anwer. So I sent another copying what she had said only a few days before. Still no answer. By now I was getting more and more angry again. so it was another email-

No answer. But late on the following Sunday I got a call from her. A little voice, basically saying sorry and I was right all along, because he's more or less arrived, stayed and then sought to dominate every aspect of her life, which was'nt good. When he resorted to force, she suddenly saw the light and saw him as the manipulative manevoelent force he was. Luckily he went and comparitive peace now reigns.

We're off to Madeira again and things between us are as good as they will ever be. But she's not forgiven, and any repeat of this ort of thing again, she'll have lost a good friend, and she knows this.

Hopefully the Madeira report will be sweetness and light...phew.


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