Friday, August 14, 2009

Sibrwd - still at it

The 18 project is still puttering gently along since I decided that an all out, one-hit rebuild was'nt on.

the realisation that given that the time available to me was'nt going to be enough to get the job done before the end of the summer, I might as well just take my time, do the job methodically and think things through before applying saw to wood or even glue to hull. as someone said 'measure once, curse twice'.

So from getting the boat undercover last winter, I have spent my time acquiring wood, sawing it, measuring up, buying epoxy and sealer, measuring more wood and ply and just generally feeling my way forward, essential when you have few plans to go by and have to make it up as you go along.

So today was a bit of a milestone, the cockpit floor has gone in, and has been glued and nailed down, edges sealed and sikaflex applied to make it nice and watertight.

The hatches are cut out and when the ordered stuff arrives [3 weeks and waiting]I can bond them in and that part of the build will be done- for now. i am reasonably happy with the outcome; it's not perfect but it's ok, and to the cursory glance you would'nt know that it's ever so slightly twisted.

The next and more difficult secion is about to start - building the decks.


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