Friday, June 14, 2013

back in Terceira

This morning dawned grey and not a little damp. By 11 it was beginning to brighten and we prepared to move Gwawr over to the dock, in readiness for the hoist. The boat is 4.80m wide. The dock is 5m wide. A bit of squeeze then. 4 of us walked her in carefully and she fit, just. Out she came and was duly chocked off on the hard, ready to be powerwashed and antifouled.. Went down to the capital, Angra, yesterday. Interesting, but I prefer Pria. Had thought about hiring a car today, but time's getting on and we're yet to have lunch so might just leave it. Sun has just come out and it's quickly warming up, so I think a cold beer and a good book will suffice for the rest of the day.


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