Friday, March 22, 2013

Hols at last!

When I 'retired' two years ago now, one of the things I said I would do before the end of the year was to go on holiday to somewhere different. As it transpired circumstances stopped me from achieving this, not only for that year, but also for the whole of the next -2012. during this time I had been transferring a small amount monthly into my 'holiday slush fund'. It has now accumulated a healthy balance, which I could either use towards a damn good holiday or rely on to take me through a potential lean time money-wise in the next few years. Guess what? I'm going on holiday. Now I've been to Madeira a few times and really like the place, and even though it's a bit touristy, it's not your average euro-resort type of place. But this year I though I'd like somewhere similar, but more remote, so I'm off the the Azores. So 12 days in the middle of May, going independent as always - flying Manchester-Lisbon-Terceira. A few days there then off to the neighbouring island of Pico to do some walking, whale watching, surfing if I get the chance, then back to Terceira for a few more days of something similar. I'll try and take some photos and put them on this blog, Honest.


Blogger liz hutchinson said...

Sounds heavenly. Look forward to seeing photos. Don't get lost and adopted by wolves or anything.:)

5:04 pm  

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