Friday, June 14, 2013

Azores 2013

this may I took advantage of the fact that Dennis has his boat out in Terceira and so I visited the Azores, a place I always wanted to go to. Here's a potted resume form my FB postings. Day 3 Well I made it to Pico. A very bumpy ride, which the pilots and air crew took in their stride, ulike the passengers, who were somewhat put. out, judging from the groans emanating from behind me. I, of course was made of sterner stuff, until particularly horrible jolt had me looking for bag, 'just in case'. Mercifully it was only a short flight and I caught sight of the summit of the volcano as we descended into the murk. Safely landed we all exited the plane into the warm drizzle of a Welsh summer, except that we were 2000 miles south west of Pen Llyn. The weather here was worse than it was back in the marina at Pria Vitoria. But now I'm comfortably ensconced in the b&b, with cup of coffee to hand, I'll try and work out how to post a few photos.


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