Sunday, July 03, 2011

back to basics = mat surfing at HM

what with everything else I need to be doing, I've had no chance to actually get in the water this year, as opposed to being on it.

So today, no wind, tides all wrong for the boat, too hot to sit in the garden, fed up of doing plumbing/painting/masonry I decided to just 'go to the beach'

A quick look at West Coast surfs daily web grab and it would be a trip to Hells Mouth with the mat.

Ok it really was only 2foot dribble, and with a load of guys out, but it was warm,windless and hey it's July - usually flatter than a hedgehog in the middle of the road.

So, in the hour or so window of opportunity as the tide dropped I had what passes for a decent sesh for me these days. I'll keep an eye out and maybe tomorrow will get another visit if anything is building [the + side of not currently working]


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