Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oh bugger

Since I 'retired' last May I've had loads of time on my hands, to do all those things I needed to do. I spent the summer upgrading my wood burner and installing solar hot water and a new plumbing system. This took me as far as the end of July.

The rest of the summer I sent playing with boats and trying to complete the Sibrwd rebuild. Pleasingly I'm about 80% there, 'All' I needed to do now was paint the deck, build the spars, turn the boat over and sand back the hull, prime, paint and install a new keelband, turn her back over and start on the fitting out.

The mast build carried on apace, but in October I went off on a 'creative technology' course which, although great fun, did'nt progress the build whatsoever.

So then it was December and those gall stones I first found out about some 5 years ago have finally made their presence felt. And how! I've spent the last few weeks laid up with excruciating pains every time I eat or do something strenuous. But there's light at the end of the tunnel.... next week I get to see my very own consultant, hopefully with a view to whipping the damn things out and returning to life more normal!

Then I can get the project finished. I may even be able to post some pics again.


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