Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Oh dear, it seems that I'm neglecting this Blog

It's been quite a while since I entered anything on this Blog. Bad, bad blogger, Lostcoast. It's not as if nothing has happened. Stuff happens, everyday. But is it Blogworthy? I guess not. Having someone read it except for me might pique my interest a little more but then, some might see it as opening up ones diary for the perusal, enjoyment and subsequent mocking by others. Which might be just me and my incipient paranoia....

speaking of which [note not-too-subtle linking!] did you hear .......... about the trouble when patients of the paranoia ward of the local hospital were treated to a trip to a christmas pantomine. Seems they could'nt handle all the cries of 'He's behind you' and 'Oh no he is'nt, Oh yes he is'................... [sigh, it's getting worse]

Anyway's this morning, when I should have been working my £$%^ off, I was in fact perusing one of my old favourite sites... 'The kitten, The Witches, and the Bad Wardrobe' aka 'The Kittens' which is one of those Fan-sites for TV shows........ in this case Buffy or to be more exact the Willow and Tara [W/T] elements of the show.
Now I will freely admit to being a total fan-boy when it comes to most things Buffy but what made me into a web-whore was the community that presented itself when I started delving into what it was that got people so strung out on W/T. Apart from the total hotness that was Aly Hannigan and Amber Benson as eye-candy in their own right, they were damn fine actresses to boot and brought an utterly convincing chemistry to a couple of gurls in lurve with one another. The fact it was a lesbian relationship was completly beside the point. The love flowed from the screen and left one feeling just 'Awww' at the scrummyness of it all. It was'nt sentimental, mawkish or calculated. It was real. If you did'nt know better you would have thought the two of them really were lesbians and a couple to boot. It knocked all other same-sex tv relationships into a cocked-hat and most hetero ones too, come to think of it.

So what did Joss Whedon, the inspirational creator of these two characters do. He had a fit of egomaniacal hubris and killed off Tara, to forward a plot-line that was hokey at best and really totally out of character for Willow. To say that there was a backlash would be an understatement. Go look at the Kitten Board. OK they have a very real axe to grind over there, for reasons to complicated to go into here. Just read 'Lesbian Cliche' OK?

Overnight the ratings dropped in the US and continued to spiral downwards as the writing lost its way. The last season of Buffy was poor, by anyones yardstick, and by that of the very erudite, informed and educated of Buffyland, a total waste of time. Even the cast could see that but JW could'nt.

Much of this can be put down to the point where Tara was killed off, and I don't think I'm alone in thinking that........

[http://p081.ezboard.com/bthekittenthewitchesandthebadwardrobe36671] if you want more. Warning: leave any anti-gay tendancies you may have at the door please.

Oh, I would like to point out to all those that don't know me, and have'nt read past this post and are thinking that I'm gay, well sorry to disappoint but I'm very much in the the hetero camp. Gay-friendly - sure, people are people no matter which way they swing. I have more time for gays than I have for George Bush and his christian taliban, that's for sure