Friday, November 02, 2007

Good lord 3 posts in two days!

No, make that 4 with this one, and possibly another on the way before the weekend is over.

And no, I don't understand this new enthusiasm either.


Or a beard growing competition ………… online!

shall I? shall I?

Probably not

Will have a think about it, but the idea of shaving just seems wrong in any event.

And what about the itching? I get 'the itch' around week three from any trim and it's the signal to get the scissors out.

I have reached 'Grizzly Adams' proportions before, as well as 'Ancient Mariner' but I suspect my employers would have major issues with unfettered beard growing, since they already are in major-strop-mode because of my refusal to wear a tie - on medical grounds, as I keep on saying. I'm using the old 'I had neck burn when someone ripped my tie off when I was in school and now I cannot stand having anything tight around my neck - well it's worked so far :)