Friday, July 01, 2005

one year on

Whoa!……. this blog is officially 1 year old today!

So lets look at what has happened to me in this last year, following the course of entries into said blog.

Like someone’s life........ a few stuttering steps to start off with whilst I tried to find out how the damn thing worked…….. followed by the enthusiasms of youth, with an entry every day……….. then a couple of *adventures* and then a gradual slowing down as the middle period arrived …………… and eventually a sort of undignified senility as entries became less and less relevant or coherent…. followed I suppose either by death or rebirth.

During it’s path through the year I have recorded: the gaining, and subsequent loss of a new girl friend; a trip to the Scillies, made in fine detail and few embellishments; musing on life and surf and why I chose [probably unconsciously] to live my life the way I have; Why I’m single; Why I like Buffy; The fact I hate rap; And would rather be ‘not working’ than ‘in work’.

Oh, and those damn shoulders, which I can now report are almost but not quite Ok again. Unfortunately the rest of me appears to be in terminal decline as I hit the 50 mark - which I have to say is’nt remarkably different to being 49 – in direct repudiation of what I wrote only a few weeks ago.

So now I must make the big decision, do I continue writing a blog that few, if any, bother to read. Or do I let it die, like many other blogs out there, let it become one of the many pieces of digital flotsam and jetsam that clutters the web. Or do I accept that these ramblings are just diary entries, that just happen to be open to public scrutiny and carry on regardless?

I think the last option is possibly the best, since I no longer need to be angst ridden over it’s failure to be read and appreciated by thousands of avid devotees of my work, and yet I can still have a record of what, how, when, where I felt when writing my thoughts. So it will be rebirth, of sorts. That no one but me looks in is of no import, it’s not a problem. Well certainly not mine anyway……………