Thursday, October 27, 2005


i come home and think, 'hmmm, must update the blog'...... and find 5 comments from my last posting..'whooppee'... only they really are'nt. Behind the *personal* comments are exhortations to *visit my blog* which turn out to be ads for all sorts of now it has come to this **BlogSpam**......... sigh

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Sunday, October 02, 2005


Well summer came and went and I neglected this blog in a truly awful way. Has much happened this summer? Well yes , actually.... but in an unspectacular sort of way. I went surfing a lot. I got a little fitter. I can now paddle my surfboard, albeit in a wierd sort of way. My shoulders are now much better although mobility is'nt 100% and might never be. I fettled the boat and put her back in the water, did'nt get much in the way of sailing done though. I did absolutely nothing on the house. The kitchen is nearly there, a few bits and pieces to do this winter. The bathroom has had nothing done, and is a tip. Not a place to linger.

But to hell with all that. I'm off to California for 3 weeks, leaving today. Train down to Heathrow and a direct flight to San Francisco, courtesy of the 'world's favourite airline' - BA. we shall see.

This time, since I'll be surfing and camping I'm fairly loaded with gear, probably about 50lb or more, which ain't much when you consider the allowance is a whopping 75lb [or whatever 32kg comes to]... I prefer to travel as light as possible. Much of the additional weight is made up from carrying a wetsuit, surfmat [more on that later]
and a camping hammock:

kinda neat huh? Well we'll see. I'll be camping out at Big Sur and this seemed a nice way to combine, bed, shelter and relaxation site. I find with tents that they are the pits when it comes to just hanging out. One thing more...much more comfortable than lying on the ground......

So off we go. I'm going to attempt to update the blog along the way, but knowing my past ineptitude in this department, don't hold your breath. I'll probably end up doing it when I get back, and then some... say around February.