Monday, March 21, 2005


... just as I was thinking that may days as a semi-invalid were over, with my shoulders 80% mobile again, I go and do something to my left knee. Now I was'nt aware of anything taking place, but I'm sure I can pin-point it down to a site visit a couple of weeks ago, where we had to cross some rough ground... I must have twisted my knee or tore a ligament somehow.

Anyways, every morning It's seized up and frees off with excercise during the day, unless I sit at the desk for a while, in which case it locks up even worse.

So it looks like another visit to the witch-doctor for me.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Does anyone apart from me read this Blog..........

........... or am I just an inane lost voice in the wilderness?

Well who knows, certainly no-one has written in the comment section, "yes, you are an inane voice in the wilderness" [and no, don't go there and do that - it's not clever and it's not funny]

So the question is... am I doing this Blog to get myself noticed, or is just the meanderings of a soul going through the throws of his mid-life crisis. Well, if it's the former, then I have singularly failed, since very few have left comments, which led the the above anguished question... so I have to conclude that its " the meanderings ........yada,yada,yada"

Now the strapline to the blog title is as you know all about this mid life crisis, which has been going on a long while. The reality is of course, the fact that it's not a crisis at all, but the normality of 'me'. That this is a self evident truth came home to me a couple of weeks ago, when I suddenly realised that I would soon be 50. This resulted in what could only be described as a 'turn' and left me feeling rather depressed... I am so not looking forward to the day I turn up a half century.

So much am I not looking forward, it really has got me down, I'm busy making plans to be elswhere on the day [to forestall any 'surprise' parties] I have also decided to stay at 49 until having to use a zimmer frame puts me firmly into the 'old codger' sector. I'm also making long term plans, for the first time ever, on how to take early retirement, liquidate all my assets, and go travelling....

So, I ask again......... is this the mid-life crisis that I thought I was already having, looming ahead of me on the horizon? Answers on a postcard please.