Monday, January 17, 2005

another quirky site

Today I give you:

a site of well, quirky, news stories. Make of it what you will. It's a bit National Enquirer or Titbits in places, but it's also Fortean Times or Darwin Awards in others. Enjoy.


Tuesday, January 11, 2005


And now, a few words on feet.

Are'nt feet the most god awful bits of a persons body. Ok that was a gross generalisation there, but I still reckon it's more truth than not. And I have to say that on the whole womens feet are worse than mens, mainly because of the deformations women put theirs through in the name of fashion.

Now, my feet although not wonderfuly attractive are at least not deformed. everything that should be there, is there, and pointing pretty well in the direction nature intended. If I have anyone to thank for this its my mum, bless her, as she always made sure I hade clarks and Start-Right shoes when I were small. Over the years I have always followed the rule that comfort comes first, so I was wearing deck shoes from an early age [summer] and boots [winter] If they squeezed, out they went. So I got great feet.

My friend Helen on the other hand has 'orrible feet. In fact I think she has mutant feet. Not from any deformation from bad footwear, you understand. No she has feet with long prehensile toes with which I'm sure she could pick her nose if she so wished. That these 'orrible feet are attached to a person so attractive in so many otherw ays is something of a mystery.

In case dear reader, you are thinking "what if she reads this" well she knows about her feet, I've told her often enough *lol* .


Thursday, January 06, 2005

And another thing.............................

.............................. I have now decided to ask *why?* to any questions I regard as being lame-ass from now on.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New Year Revolutions

As ever, I have made some new year resolutions, and as ever [like everyone else I suspect] I'm sure to break most of them.

so in no particular order:

  • get the boat sorted out and on the water by Easter [do-able]
  • get the catamaran sorted and usable by the summer [no probs]
  • start and finish the bathroom [top of the list by far and probably the last thing that gets done]
  • shoulders sorted and working again [lap of the gods, I'm afraid]
  • go surfing a lot more [see above]
  • build that fish paipo [just give me the bits and a clear weekend]
  • order one of Dales surfmats [very likely to happen]
  • eat less, get fit [yeah, right]
  • go to California this autumn [also very likely]
  • get intimate with Wenda [highly unlikely :( ]

Of course, there are loads more, but since I'm unlikely to even come close to sticking with them the best thing is not to dwell on whether they are fulfilled or not. I'll be leaving it to fate to decide on that.

One resolution which I have stuck to so far, ok I know it's only January the 5th, is to keep going with this Blog, so I can report with satisfaction that I'm on course with that.

All those resolutions above give me added incentive to keep going. How else am I to report on the success or failure of any of my endevours during the coming few months?