Monday, November 12, 2012

Yay! I'm still alive!

Well the op went well; the recovery went pretty well, even though I picked up a chest infection; and the convalecance is going OK. I'm even a bit fitter than expected at this stage according to the rehab guys. That's the plus side. The minus side is that I've gained weight which I have to lose, and then another 10KG to bring me down to a target weight. Now diets have never really worked for me, not enough self-discipline I guess, so it will have to be done via more exercise and less food rather than a strict fat free diet or whatever. It's not really the time of the year for that though, what with winter drawing in and the nights getting longer. One can only pass up a certain number of rice or syryp sponge puddings with custard you know! So in anticipation of having to make a massive effort in the new year I've sort of swopped my single handed, sit on a sliding seat/ plank sailing dinghy for something slightly more sedate, but equally difficult to sail- an olympic Finn dinghy [a la Ben Ainslie]. This should really sort out my back, stomach and quads. At my age this is really the last chance I'll get to sail a dinghy like this. I'll pass it on to someone who has outgrown a Lazer in due course