Friday, July 28, 2006

Argh!... no!.... stress!

It’s my own fault I suppose.

I had’nt heard from an old friend of mine for some time. Christine was someone who I had once had a holiday fling with way back, some 25 years ago. We got on well, but she returned to Paris and I returned to being a surfbum, and then a few years later into a full time student, work etcetc. You know – life.

But throughout all this time we had stayed in touch, with our tortured franglais having to suffice, and once in a while meeting up, either here in Wales or over there in Paris.

Anyways, as I say we had’nt been in touch for a long time, in fact I had’nt seen her in over 10 years, ever since I stared going out with Louise in 1994… But that’s another story. Our contacts had been reduced to the traditional exchange of Christmas cards and the odd email.

However in January this year I got an email saying she’d moved outside Paris and the inference was that things had moved on in her life. As usual when I replied I added that if she wanted to come over for a week she was more than welcome…

A week or so later another email, followed by a phone call asking if the first week in august was Ok. Yes it was. I got an airline agenda.. she’d got her ticket and would be here early August. All well and good.

Then I met Sian and we have been pretty much inseparable ever since. Now I have Christine coming over, with who-knows-what agenda in her own head. So she’ll need to be told that Yes, I was in a relationship and yes Chris and I could still be friends if that’s what she wanted, but I’d understand if not. It’s too late to tell her now it will have to be when she’s here. Luckily I told Sian that Christine was coming and she’s Ok with it. She can’t really be anything else since she’s off to Brittany with a couple of men on Sunday next for 3 weeks so she’s away when Chris is around.

If this sounds like a lot of juggling around, then you’d be right, it’s something one would expect from a 20 year old not one of a ‘mature’ age….. Oh well so much for trying to keep things simple.