Thursday, May 12, 2005


Yay, my surfmat is on it's way from the US.

Dale emailed me that it was finished and would be with me next week. or the week after. No matter, I've been waiting since the end of January for this. The problem of course is that each one is custom made to order, and dale has a very full order book. so what was originally going to be a 6 week turnaround has now doubled. at least it will be here before I go off to Scotland.

ah, I did'nt say... well I'm off to surf the Scottish North shore, in June, mainly so that I'm not around here on my birthday. Yes, that one. I'm heading out for a few days on my own, as ever and taking a look at the north west edge of Britain, hoping I don't fall off in the process.

the mat has arrived

as well as hopefully getting in the water I'll take my camera gear along, to capture all that landscape.

More later, since I owe it to all my avid readers [yeah, right] to give them a t least a weekly diatribe, rather than a monthly smidgeon, like now...............