Friday, October 22, 2004

hold that physio!

Yep, hot on the heels of being let of the acupuncture trip, I have now been told that they can 'do nothing more' for me in physio, as the cause of all the pain and worry has entered *phase II* and I will now have to leave it to sort itself out in it's own good time. Since my wanting physio to ensure that I would get full mobility back when the *thing* had run it's course, Im now begining to wonder whether all those weeks of physio actually achieved anything. Maggie thinks so, they got rid of the pain anyway, so that was good.
I'm booked in for a session in January to see if there has been any freeing up, since there has been little so far. The doc apparently thinks the time to do physio is whenit frees up all on it's own. maggie aint so sure. I don't know. But for the moment I'm out of there and under orders to get in the gym and start toning up.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

No more acupuncture!

We decided that the acupuncture treatment had run it's course as I had no real pain from my arms/shoulders. This meant that the frozen shoulders had now entered the second phase of the condition, where the pain tends to fade away but you are left with a restricted movement. Phase 3 is where you start getting mobilty back - sometimes this does'nt happen, hence the need for lots of physio. Maggie has upped the sessions to every week. I think she wants me up-and-at-'em before she goes off on an extended trip to NZ next February.

I have no problem with that.

I still have'nt got to grips with extended stretching at home. Istead I have put stuff in places where I have to stretch, in order to reach. It works, sort of. Neither have I been to to do weight training as I should have. This is something I really must start on. It's just that the weights/fitness room is full of people who love, really love, their bodies.

Last time I was there, doing some light fitness stuff, there was a girl, a daughter of someone I work with, who was spending much of her time preening in the mirror. She was so full of herself it came as no surprise when I noticed she was driving a black golf gti with personalised number plates. If I was'nt sure about her before, it now became an active dislike, not made any better when she gave me a distainful look because I insisted on my right of way in town, and forced her to stop and let me through. I feel for any employer, lover or partner that takes her on.

Not that I have any downer on powerful single minded women... I dont [other than I dislike powerful,single-minded people.period.]I just dont like her better-than-thou manner, and her thinly hidden arrogance. It's not that she even has anything to be arrogant about, it's just her manner.

Oh well, tirade over.

Monday, October 18, 2004

a few memories of the North West Surf Club

a few memories

Some of the insane things that went on down there:
the open warfare with kayakers; the mega drinking competitions with some of the more approachable fishermen; Jaws and his nazi wife Brunhilde; the dirty protest at the sands, where Jon [flockhead] ended up with a chicken drumstick up his arse; franc-back-demi-shed wine; 'Shed' surfboards [my very own, yep they were that bad]; johnny-condom surfbags [me again!]; the Pipeline [beer] masters; beach-fire aerosol explosion contests; the blocks of resinous material washed up after a storm ;) The new toilet block at Freshies that those aussies blew up. the list goes on and on.

Also some of the best times of my life that I can't remember, and a few others that will forever remain buried.

Ahh, maybe they should be left as memories.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Sarah-yak just texed me on the work mobile to inform me that she is now a bra sixe of 32FF [and quite posibly heading twards 32G] as opposed to 34 EE earlier this summer. She seems quite proud

I was supposed to surmise from this that she had lost a considerable amount of weight [16lbs as it turns out] and is now an hourglass figure, which is nice, but I'm afraid my juvenile tendancies just gave me a mental picture of... well you know what.

So I dare say I will now have to take a [metaphorical] cold shower, before I get back to her with the usual banter about willies and tits.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

going weekly

Since the autumn [or fall if you prefer] is now upon us, life in this part of the world starts to slow down somewhat. The zest of summer has gone, to be replaced with lazy starts to weekend days, maybe a walk in the afternoon if the weather is ok, or watching sports on TV if it is'nt. I also need to start thinking DIY, since the bathroom now resembles a building site.

So, anyway, the point of this post is to inform my reader that for a while at least, I'm going to be adding to this Blog on only a weekly basis, always assuming I have something to say............

Who am I kidding I always have something to say, only I can't be arsed to write it all down. Part of the lack of coherent self expression that is my cross to bear. Never mind. Like most things in my life this blog will blow hot and cold as I do.

Monday, October 04, 2004

a lost weekend

A strange weekend. The weather has been pretty awful so having an action packed w/e was'nt really going to happen. I did go round to see Sarah & Wyn on Friday night, which I was'nt going to, there being something of interest on the box. But I was persuaded, and ending up running Mandy [Sarah's sister] home, because she'd drunk too much to drive. I'll tell you about Mandy. She's coming up to 40, single and unattached, and having difficulty living with that. So she'd rather be with some-one totally unsuitable than be on her own. And then she wonders why it's not good. She's always skint, but actually has more spare cash and savings than the rest of us put together. She complains about her weight but will drink a bottle of wine in no time, eat a meal and then go snaffle cheese from the fridge later, cos she's still hungry. She comfort eats like it's compulsory. She's a seriously mixed up person.

Anyway back to the weekend that nearly was'nt. Saturday morning dawned windy and wet, so I played on the comp. for while, then in a fit of activity went at hacking the tiles of the bathroom wall with the power hammer. This made me ill from all the dust so I abandoned that, leaving all the shards in the bath, where they still reside on Monday morning, and I suspect will still be tomorrow. The sun came out after lunch so I went down the peninsula and called in on Juliet. Five minutes later I was on my way again, I did'nt want to linger and it was fairly plain that J had other things to do. I went for a walk down to the Sands, where there were a lot of surfers not getting many rides in the frankly rubbish surf.

Then I went home and shut the door on the world.

Sunday morning, atocious weather, rain and winds. Felt a little flu-y so lit a fire, read some, felt better, watched TV all afternoon, made supper, watched more Tv and went to bed. From that short conversation with J, which hardly counts, I have'nt interacted with another human being in any meaningful way until this morning, when I said hello to one of my workmates.

This is not the way I want to spend my weekends. Lets face it work is so demanding of our time, we need to make the most of our free days. It's not the fact that I saw no-one. I can deal with that, if I were sailing s/handed round the planet I would be alone for months. No being alone like that does'nt bother me, just like being alone on holiday does'nt bother me.... because I'm doing something, I'm occupied and absorbed.

But this last w/e was just.... a waste. And I hate wasting time like this, so we have a lost weekend.