Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ho hum

As ever I'm stuck for something to write, apart from either sort-of-apologising for the lack of material to place on said blog, or to bemoan the lack of any comments to what is here already. It's entirely possible that no-one else in the entire universe bothers reading this blog as there are other more exciting, more interesting and more Now! bits of writing to be had out there in etherland

However this is all mine, and it's the only bit of creative writing I do, unless one regards my tree reports in the same light. A lack of anything to write about would indicate a level of boringness on my part that would be approaching grey and uninteresting in a Reginald Poosey kind of way.
RP if you care to remember was the character played by Michael Palin as the lead in to the lumberjack song - so grey and boring was he that even accountancy was a little bit too stimulating.

So here I am, and instead of writing reports on all the exciting trees and boudary issues I usually have, I'm just waffling along with my little blog. Nothing of much import has taken place since I was last here, well nothing of much import anyway.

S and I are still wafting along in a sort of of* friends+ * way, and having the odd bit of summer now and again... but this w/e we are making a dash for the continent, for a bit of a break and to stock up on wine and nice french foods - but mainly to get away before the madness that is Easter descends on the peninsula.

If there's anything to report I'm sure I'l remember to write it down here - or not.