Thursday, June 23, 2005

it's been a month

Been a while since I updated this blog...... so what has happened in the meantime.

Well my mat arrived from the staes, at long last. Blew it up and took it out over the course of a w/e. it was like paddling a marshmallow. hard work, and catching waves was'nt easy either. However having said that, the one decent ride I got was a howler, which told me that, yes, it would get better. Since then it's been in it's bag and I've not been near the surf, apart from a trip up to scotland to the big wave mecca of the north coast, which was flat......... nothing on at all. So the mat stayed in the car and I went walking and touring instead........fantasic scenery, and I'll post some pics once I've sorted the wheat from the chaff............